Roofing & Framing

Ultimate Roofing and Framing Solutions

Industries in India are under continuous evolution. Yamunanagar is the hub of industries ranging from small paper mills to timber factories. The building up of industries and factories is a tedious job. To focus more on production, the Roofing and Steel Frame Manufacturers in Yamunanagar, Jagadhri, is playing a pivotal role in making industrial production easy. Salemax India has a specialized wing of roofing and steel frame manufacturers that design unconventional roofing solutions for any industry so that the unit can emphasize more on production and less on infrastructure as it is being taken care of by us. Besides the superior quality of the products, we manage to keep our products at an affordable price range.

What are Roofing and Steel Frames?

This is a unit of engineering that constructs roofing and cladding sheets designed for multiple industries. It caters to the needs of different design requirements. These are usually designed using the latest innovation techniques, the reason why they are the best structural component with high durability that can withstand any adverse environmental conditions keeping the factory unit safe.

To get all time roofing solutions with superior quality of materials within budget, Salemax India is the name to trust.

Advantages of Roofing and Steel Frames by Salemax India?

Superior Quality Components and Durable- Our roofing sheets are made of corrugated metals with several layers of coating that makes them rust-proof and ready to be used in extreme climatic conditions. This increases the durability of the material.

Modern Designs- Our roofing sheets and steel frame structures are made, keeping in mind the desire for a modern look. We have collections of different shapes of roofing sheets, including the crimped curved ones that bring creativity to our creations. This prevents the use of cladding material.

Specific Fabrication- The purlins used to support the loads in the roofing sheets are constructed by us using steel beams and rafters to withstand more load.

Customization- We customize our products to suit a particular purpose. This customization can vary from having symmetrical or asymmetrical ridges to various module widths.