Pre Engineered Metal Fabrication

Pre-Engineered Metal Building Fabrication by Salemax India

Industrialization is under continuous evolution with different types of industries. Yamunanagar is one such place that has seen enormous growth in industrial, educational, paper, and many more industries. The city’s landscape can be easily imagined, with large factories sprouting all over. The increasing industries demand the use ofPre-engineered metal building fabrication in Yamunanagar.

What are Pre-Engineered Metal Building Fabrication Systems?

This is a well-defined branch of system engineering that constructs a structural component designed for multiple industrial purposes. It caters to the needs for different design requirements, be it for small factories to large mills. It encompasses various sectors. These are usually designed using computer technology, the reason why they are the best structural component serving functional values. Fabrication structures are usually the units required for building making that are separately manufactured in concerned industries post which they are transported to specific sites. These units are assembled to make the construction work much easier.
The primary structure of pre-building material begins with the formation of an I-beam constructed by joining metal steel plates. These steel sections are engineered and assembled to satisfy the basic structural requirement. This forms a framework for the entire building, followed by external cladding materials like curtainwall made of glass, concrete, etc. To get a finished product at an affordable price, Salemax India is the only name.

Why Go for Pre-Engineered Fabricated Building Systems by Salemax India?

Optimum Utility- Our systems have unparalleled uses in various sectors of manufacturing as well as production units. They are designed to withstand a variety of applications in the Institutional and Construction sectors. We have also expanded in Industrial sectors and leisure building constructions.

Adverse Condition Proof and Durable- Our prefabricated structures consisting of ribbed panels of steel make construction fast and easy. Our composed structure is light-weight and durable enough to serve for a long time period. We have intricate layers of coatings on our prefabricated structures that make them rust-proof, heat, and acid-proof.

Affordable- We tend to serve our clients by providing the best quality prefabricated building structures at an affordable price.