Prefabricated Structures

Industrialization has grasped the entire country. Yamunanagar is a place sprawling with industries. This city serves as the hub of industries ranging from small industries to large factories engaged in different types of production. A major portion of industries in Yamunanagar has inclined more towards paper and pulp industries. This has led to an increasing demand for the use of Plywood Machines. The Plywood Machinery Manufacturer in Yamunanagar is of prime importance now.

Some of Our Plywood Machines:

We are one of the leading plywood machinery manufacturers in Yamunanagar. Some of our useful machinery are:

Scissor Lifts- The compact designed scissor lifts are some of our leading products totally compatible with the paper and pulp industries. The first stage of manufacturing consists of cutting down logs of trees that is accomplished with our compact designed vertical platforms used to carry worker to the desired height to serve the purpose.
Multiple Saw Machines- This advance machinery allows a person to cut the wooden logs at multiple positions simultaneously that makes the wood processing more efficient.
Glue Cattle Machines- The advanced and compact structure of our glue cattle machines helps in the preparation of resins and other glues used in the production of finished products from wood.
Wet Scrubbers- The removal of impurities from the wood pulp is an essential step in the manufacturing process.
Apart from the mentioned machinery, we also develop other types of advanced machinery units for hassle-free production in the timber and paper industries.

Why Go for Plywood Machinery by Salemax India?

Utility- Our systems have unparalleled uses in various paper mills and industries engaged in manufacturing as well as production. They are designed to withstand a variety of applications in these sectors. We have also expanded in Industrial sectors and leisure building constructions.

Light Weight and Durable- The compact structure of our plywood machines makes them light-weight and durable enough to serve for a long time period.

Affordable- We tend to serve our clients by providing the best precast structures at an affordable price.

Quality- We do not compromise on quality. We deliver high-quality plywood machines inspired by the latest technologies.