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Peeling Knife Grinder

The Plywood Peeling Knife Grinder sharpens, grinds, and re-grinds log peeping machines and veneer lathe machines. It is free of vibrations and sounds due to its creative construction, and as a result, the machine runs well. Heavy duty MS (mild steel) is utilized in the machine's construction, which provides the machine with the strength to withstand corrosion, shocks, and minor collisions. Furthermore, the Peeling Knife Grinder from the best plywood machinery manufacturer in Yamuna Nagar is well-known for its smooth operation, precise grinding, and user-friendly design.

A heavy-duty cast-iron stone rotor holds the stone bits in place for fine grinding in this machine. The water lifting pump in the knife grinder machine is used to provide cooling and avoid heat, since heat is generated between the blades and the grinding stone during the grinding process. The machine comes with a top-of-the-line electrical panel and electric motors. Contact Salemax India for more details.