PEB Manufacturer in Yamunanagar

The Best PEB Manufacturers in Yamunanagar

The industrialization has left a deep mark on small towns like Yamunanagar, Haryana. To
cope up with the increasing demand in the construction of industries, one needs to make work
fast and easy. The work should also be technologically advanced. This city is the hub of
industries ranging from small scale paper industries to large factories engaged in timber
production, educational industries, hospitals, etc. The increasing industries demand the use of
Pre-engineered building systems. To cater to this increasing demand, the emergence of PEB Manufacturers in Yamunanagar is playing a pivotal role.

What are PEB Systems?

PEB refers to Pre-Fabricated structures or materials. This is a part of construction engineering
that constructs a structural component designed for several purposes. It caters to the needs for
different design requirements, be it for small factories to large mills. It encompasses various
sectors. These are usually designed using computer technology, the reason why they are the
best structural component serving aesthetic values.

The primary building structure begins with the formation of an I-beam constructed by joining
steel plates. These steel sections are engineered and assembled to satisfy the basic structural
requirement. This forms a framework for the entire building. Post-primary framing,
secondary C or Z shaped structures are constructed. These are given a final finishing touch
with external cladding materials like curtainwall made of glass, concrete, etc. All the
respective structures are constructed and finally assembled on-site to get a finished product.
To get such materials at an affordable price, Salemax India is the only name.

Why Go for PEB Systems by Salemax India?

Wide Utility- Our systems have unparalleled uses in various sectors of manufacturing
as well as production units. They are designed to withstand a variety of applications in
the Institutional and Construction sectors. We have also expanded in Industrial sectors
and leisure building constructions.

Light Weight and Long-Life- Our pre-fabricated structures, roofing systems
consisting of ribbed panels of steel make construction fast and easy. Our composed
structure is light-weight and durable enough to serve for a long time period.
Affordable with Quality- We tend to serve our clients by providing the best quality
PEB structures at an affordable price.