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Roofing and Steel Frame

Steel framing is a building technology that uses a "skeleton frame" of vertical steel columns and horizontal I-beams in a rectangular grid to support the structure's floors, roof, and walls, which are all joined to the frame. This is a unit of engineering that constructs roofing and cladding sheets designed for multiple industries. The roof system consists of ribbed steel panels and allows the application of a built-up roof system.

Yamunanagar is a center for industry ranging from tiny paper mills to lumber mills. Roofing and steel frames play an important function in facilitating industrial production easily. Salemax India is a dedicated wing of roofing and steel frame manufacturers who provide unique roofing solutions for any business.

We specialize in manufacturing unit structure design since we have built-in infrastructure equipped with high-end sorts of machinery to create high-quality steel goods. Our mission is to be the most dependable and innovative manufacturer in Yamunanagar, as well as a service and solution provider in the roofing and steel frame industries.